Our Friend, Tabitha’s Baby is Here Too!

From our friends Tabitha & Thomas:
hey there!
look who we welcomed into the family today!
she doesn’t have a name yet…  
she was 8 lbs 1 oz and totally mellow.. 
labor went well.. starting just before midnight this morning, and ending just after noon.
I don’t think she looks like tabitha or I, but I do think she looks like two of my other favorite females in the world:  mira and my mom.
she has the same eyes as mira, but my mom’s dark skin…
let me know if you wanna come and meet her!
lots of love from us to you all!
Vicki’s Note:  She now has a name: Alena Rowan Marsh.  She was born 2 days after our Tabitha’s baby, labor started and birth occured at similar times of the day and there birth weight was within 3 oz. of each other…another little cutie!

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