Cerridwen Mae Wolfer is Here!

Sorry, I was having trouble getting the pic to load so I could send it with the stats.  Hopefully this will work and you will all get the pic.  I will send more later…  In the meantime, here are her stats.
Name:  Cerridwen Mae Wolfer
Born:  May 26, 2009
Time: 12:36 PM
Weight:  8 lb. 4 oz.
Length:   20 in.
Tabitha & Gordan got to the hospital at around midnight Wed. night (leaving the other kids with us) and she called around 8 AM, saying that they had some problems with her BP dropping, but they had it under control and gave her a epidural at around 5 AM & the last time they had checked she was around 6 or 7.  However, when she got to 8, her water had still not broke & her labor stopped.  So, they broke her water, & labor still did not begin, so they gave her pitocyn (sp?) to get her to a 10, thus the longer labor in spite of beginning at 3 or 4.  Mom & baby are doing fine & the other kids think she is pretty cool. 
Tonight Grandma & Grandpa Wolfer (Kevin & Susan–Gordan’s parents) came over to join us for dinner, that Chef Gordan cooked.  He made Shepard’s Pie & Fruit Salad and they turned out -pretty good, with the exception of the one that got dropped on the oven door.  We nick-named it Shepard’s Pi Le Door.  LOL  Although it wasn’t so pretty, it was still good too.  Gordan’s parents took that one home with them.  For those who may not know, Gordan finished Culinary school this past year, but is waiting for the economy to improve to find n externship.  In the meantime, he is lab manager at Binyan’s Optical.
Susan (Gordan’s mom) was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months ago and is in her 3rd month of chemo & is doing pretty well, but looking forward to the next 3 months quickly going by.  They feel they got all the cancer, but her tumor was fairly large, so they are doing chemo to improve her odds of not having it return.
We leave Saturday, just past noon, for Copenhagen, Denmark and we are very happy that. Cerridwen, chose her due date to be born, allowing us a few days to spend with her, before we leave again.
Grandma Vicki & Grandpa Jon (again)

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