Catch-up Update – Denmark Has Been Announced!

OK–we have been waiting for it to be announced, so now we can tell everyone–the next engagement is in Denmark!  Jon forgot to tell me (or I forgot) what city, but I’m thinking maybe Copenhagen.  It begins the 1st part of June, but we haven’t booked tickets yet, so not sure of our departure date yet.  It usually begins the 1st Monday of the month, so the likely departure date would be Saturday May 30th–but I don’t know yet, whether I will leave at the same time, since Tabitha’s baby should be born somewhere around that time (hopefully the 24th or 25th–right after we get home from Toronto…)
We have been in Toronto Canada now, for nearly 2 weeks and my return ticket is for May 24th (the baby is DUE May 26th).  I think this has been the most difficult part of all of this travel–missing time with our young grandkids.  However if absence makes the heart grow fonder–our grandkids sure get excited when they see us now…  They ALWAYS have a BIG smile and hug for us when we get home!
Toronto is an incredible city with many HIGH skyscrapers.  We are surrounded by other high buildings (including the Sheraton) which are even higher.  If we look into the distance from the window in our room (when it is clear), we can see a little of Lake Ontario and even the top of the CN Tower.  I had never heard of the CN Tower before, but it is higher than the Eiffel Tower–in fact it is currently the highest tower in the world (but India is working on one even higher).  Lake Ontario is impressive–when I look at it,  I feel like I’m looking at the ocean, because I don’t see land on the other side.
Monday is a holiday here (although the team will still work, since it is not our holiday)–it is Victoria Day.  In honor of Victoria Day they will have fireworks over the lake on Sunday night and again on Monday night (two different locations.).  Also, we learned that every Friday night (beginning this Friday thru the summer) they have fireworks over Niagara Falls–so we plan to go back to Niagara Falls tonight to see it.  I think it should be incredible! 
Last weekend, we went to Niagara Falls and the power was out through-out the area.  We were looking at souvenirs in the gift shop with emergency lighting–pretty dark.  They were the only store, still open.  The power was out from about 3:30 pm to about 6:30 or 7. 
We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe there, so we could get another pin.  Since January, we have decided to start collecting the Har Cafe pins from each city we go to that has aHard Rock Cafe.  And since we started in January we have gotten the holiday pins whenever available, so we have New Years from Amsterdam, Valentine’s Day from London, St Patricks Day from Denver, and Easter from Madrid (or was it from Paris? LOL), and it seems they don’t have any holiday pins for the month of May, so we got a Blue Jays pin from Toronto downtown (their baseball team), as well as a Skydome  Cheerleader from the one at the Rogers Center (formerly named the Skydome, where all the Jays home games are played.  The Blue Jays Hard Rock is actually located in the stadium overlooking the playing field.  You don’t need a ticket to come in, but if you want the window tables (with a spectacular view BTW) you must pay $5 pp extra PLUS order at least $30 in food, (except for Yankee Games are $10 pp & this weeks games were against NY Yankee’s), so we sat at a table against the wall–but you could still see the game…  We found out while we were there, that this is HR’s last year at the stadium–prices were increased a BUNCH after Roger’s Wireless bought it!  We also got a Niagara Falls pin from Niagara Falls and some other city specific pins from some of the locations, such as an Eiffel Tower from Paris.
I know I have been bad about getting out updates lately, so I will give a brief (me brief?  LOL) list of the locations we have been in since January.  January was Amsterdam with record breaking cold’ temp’s including ice skating on the ponds and canals during our first weekend there.  The first thing I think of when I think of Amsterdam is BRR!  February was London, where we waltzed in public at the Covent Gardens (quite romantic, even if I was embarrassed about forgetting our steps).  March was Boulder, Colorado (near Denver) and April was Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, and ended with a week in Madrid for a class followed by a week in Paris for another class that (acouple other wives came to Parisk as well as one female’s brother who is her nanny for her 3 mo. old baby–so I had some company during the day).  May was/is in Toronto and June will be in Denmark. 
As I said, we have our 5th grandbaby due this month, which we are all excited about.  Tabitha has had several ultrasounds done, that appear to confirm another girl (so far we only have ONE grandson).  Tabitha has been doing well, during her pregnancy, but is ready to have it finished and see this precious little one.  We really WILL have a houseful–even if we are very seldom at our house…
We saw our friends Tabitha & Thomas this last visit home at a Viennese Waltz class–yes, she is STILL taking waltz classes, at nearly 8 months pregnant!  Although we were only able to go to one class, Leo was kind enough to help us remember some of our forgotten steps and it was great to see them all again.  Although Leo & Laura did not do as well on their last competition as they had hoped, they are still the greatest waltz teachers around.  We made some great friends by taking that first waltz lesson as a “weight loss challenge” from Jillian Michaels of Biggest Loser fame–she said to “do something you had never done before, that would take you out of your comfort zone”–so, we signed up for a waltz class and ended up loving it and taking it for 15 weeks, along with a few other dance classes along the way.  We did have a few other teachers along the way,  but Leo and Laura are our favorites and Thomas & Tabitha agree!  Tabitha’s baby is due the 1st of June (it got changed from the same day as our Tabitha) and seems to be doing well too (she is also having a girl)!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day (we had a quiet one & Jon bought me some beautiful flowers) and we wish you all a great Father’s Day to come!  God bless you all, as He is us!
Vicki (& Jon)
PS Speaking of Biggest Loser–did you see that this is the season for us old folks?  The Biggest Loser this year was a 48 year old woman (winning $250,000) and the At home winner (winning $100,000) was the oldest contestant they have ever had–a 64 year old man!  GO OLDIES!  There REALLY is hope for us older folks. LOL  Note:  Our weight loss has NOT done well, with all our travels and eating out–we have both gained! Err!  However, we continue to work on getting a grasp on it again.  We are determined to get to our goals, even if it takes longer than we had hoped–we appreciate your prayers on this…


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