Boulder, Colorado

Hi everyone!
We have been enjoying some record high temperatures here in Colorado.  They say that March is usually their snowiest month, but they started the month with record highs–we have had three days of 75 with the forecast predicting dropping a little through the end of the week and then snow next week.  So crazy!
We are enjoying our little apartment style ‘home’ here in Boulder at the Homewood Suites (another Hilton property–more Hilton Honors points!).  We have an outside entrance (apartment-style) with a sitting area/kitchenette and a seperate bedroom.  We have a sofa and chair, table for two, small, yet full height refrigerator with ice maker, microwave and a 2 burner stove.  Double doors lead into the bedroom with a king size bed that is much more comfy than past several beds.  It includes 5 fluffy pillows which Jon doesn’t like (he likes flat ones) but I love.  There is also a small desk and small dresser in our bedroom.  We can actually unpack everything into the closet and drawers–no living form the suitcase. YAY!
The hotel serves breakfast every morning and a “Welcome Home Reception” (light dinner) Monday – Thursday evenings.  There is a fitness room, but it only has 2 treadmills and a stepper machine–no weights or other machines.  They also have complimentary bikes available, so Monday I checked one out and rode to the mall and back, which leads me to the next section…
After not riding a bike for a long time, I thought I did pretty well, riding to the mall, using the bike lanes.  When I returned, it was getting dark, so I decided I should stick to the sidewalks since I didn’t have a light and did fine coming back too…UNTIL I got back to the hotel and slowed down to go up the slight ramp from the parking lot to the sidewalk and bike racks.  I was braking and getting ready to get off the bike, when I somehow lost my balance and went down.  I’m not sure if I hit the ramp wrong, or what, but I went down–and of course there was a man coming my way, just in time to witness it, so of course I was embarassed.  He asked if I was OK and I said, “yes..just embarassed”. 
I locked the bike up and returned to our room and realized that besides the small scrape I got on the outside edge of my right hand, my hand/wrist was sore.  I walked to the Rite Aid next door to buy some bandaids and discovered that when I turned my hand over to pour my change out, that this movement was quite uncomfortable.  After returning to our room and doing some pressing around, I realized that the most tender spot was just above my wrist lines (on the pinky side) and began to wonder if perhaps I had broken a small bone in my hand.
The next day, we decided I should go have it checked at the Urgent Care (also in the strip mall next door to the hotel).  They did an x-ray of my hand/wrist and said they din’t see any breaks or chips, but thought I had sprained it, so I now have a splint.  It does help, except the edge of it irritates my arm.  I’m just glad that nothing was broken and that I didn’t need a cast.
After unpacking our suitcases I discovered that I didn’t get my pants into the suitcase–I only have the pair of pants that I wore here (except a pair of exercise pants).  Jon told me he wanted me to choose pants that were snug–no buying a bigger size even though my current pant sizes are getting snug.  I picked out a couple pair at the Macy’s at the mall where I rode the bike, but didn’t want to carry them on the bike, so I had them hold them for me–but then we haven’t had the chance to go back.  I guess I will have to go look again.  I think with all the traveling we have been doing, I have done a pretty good job of NOT leaving or forgetting anything major until now.
I got a call from Trevor tonight, telling us that he got laid off his new job that he started last December (I think that’s when it was…).  His manager told him it was not because they were not happy with his work and they hope to be able to bring him back in about 2 weeks.  Please pray that he does get his job back or a new one just as good.  He had been quite happy with this job, because it paid much better.  It was hard work and he got metal slivers in his hands, (he was working with sheets of metal) but he seemed to like it.
He is currently sharing a house with his girlfriend and her 3 yr. old son, Jaydon and her dad and brother.  His portion of the rent was going up because the brother moved out, so the timing was not very good.  Unemployment payments should help, but a couple hundred a week to support three people is not very much.
We haven’t made any definitive plans for the weekend yet, but figure we will check out some of the sites, since we have a rental car this time.  Next weekend will include lunch at a McCormick & Schmicks in Denver, for a mystery shop.  McCormick’s is one of our favorite restaurants (Hi, Raina!).
Vicki & Jon


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