ABBEY ROAD STUDIO:    In the 60’s, the Beatles recorded 90% of their songs at a small studio on Abbey Road in London, and their final album was called ‘Abbey Road’ in 1969.  The lower part of the wall in front of the studio is white painted brick and is covered with Graffiti from fans (the upper part is wrought iron, so you can see the studio).  One of our servers at Hard Rock Café told us several, less know facts about the Beatles, including where their very last performance was—most people know “the Beatles performed their last concert before paying fans at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on 29 August 1966.  In January 1969, The Beatles began a film project documenting the making of their next record, originally titled Get Back. During the recording sessions, the band undertook their final live performance on the rooftop of the Apple building at 3 Savile Row, London, on 30 January 1969. Most of the performance was filmed and later included in the film Let It Be.”  In the 90’s, the Spice Girls recorded their song, “Spice World” at the Abbey Road Studio.  (Jon’s note: it was really strange and almost hard to believe that we were standing in front of the place where the Beatles recorded so much of their music and spent so much time…. It is a fairly ordinary looking building, on a fairly typical London street—but some of the greatest hits from rock and roll were recorded behind those doors ** (additional note – not actually ‘behind *those* doors’ because the original doors were removed during remodeling a few years ago, and they were bought by, Hard Rock Café’…))

The funny part was, we didn’t know exactly where on Abbey Road the studio was located, so we took a bus where Groves End turns into Abbey Road and switched to a different bus and rode up the street a ways. We then got off after seeing a pretty cathedral we wanted to take a picture of, and then walked back.  When we got back to the stop where we got onto the bus, we realized that the bus stop was located right in front of the studio.  We had noticed the graffiti but hurried to catch the other bus which had just arrived and didn’t take the time to look at where we were.  Oh well, at least we got extra walking in for the day. LOL

SHERLOCK HOLMES MUSEUM—221B BAKER STREET:     As we were coming back on the bus from Abbey Road we saw the Sherlock Holmes Museum, so we got off the bus to take pictures.  It was getting somewhat late on Sunday evening, so it was closed, but we took pictures of the outside.  This is a fictionalized character and location, but apparently everyone kept asking where it was, so they made a museum with a door with the address and you can go inside the museum (when it is open) for 5 pounds (the adult price).  From there, we walked to an Italian Restaurant where we had a great dinner and then walked the rest of the way back to the hotel—which was only about .5 mile away.


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