Yes, you heard me, front row seats!  Seats are usually 50 pounds each(about $80/ea.) or more for this musical, but by waiting in line the morning of the show, I was able to get the last two discounted seats located in the front row, for 25 pounds per ticket.  We were sitting on opposite sides of the row, but what an incredible experience.  Front row is ALMOST too close—but cool never the less.  For anyone that doesn’t know, Wicked is the story of the two ‘wicked’ witches from the Wizard of Oz.  The storyline, although somewhat predictable (after all it leads to a story we all know very well), was interesting and humorous.  My favorite line in the play was, Glinda saying to Elphaba (the wicked witch), “You just need to think, ‘They are only (gulp) shoes’!” (In her younger days Glinda loved to be popular and dress well and shoes were very important to her).  If money were not an issue I think I would go to a different musical every day while I was here until I had seen them all—and then I’d want to go back and see my favorites again.  I love going to musicals!  (Jon’s note: well – even when the company pays for the hotel, money *is* still an issue… 😉

When we exited the building after the show, we discovered we were right next to the stage door and people were waiting to get autographs, so we decided to wait and have our program autographed.  We got autographs and Jon took pictures of me with all but one of the main characters, including a pretty cute picture of me with the Wizard.  There was another line in the play that we thought was even funnier when you knew about the women playing the characters.  At one point, Elphaba says, “After-all, she IS a blonde!”  Well, the young lady playing Glinda actually has dark hair and the gal who played Elphaba IS actually blonde.  Jon made reference to this when she was signing our program, and she said, “Oh yeah!  I love blonde jokes!”  We would highly recommend this musical to anyone who ever has a chance to go to see this play (It is going to be in Portland during March).  Now, I want to read the book, because I know there is more storyline in the book than they could include in the musical.  I found out that Gregory Maguire has  also written a couple other books—one about the ugly stepsister in Cinderella and another concerning Snow White.  I’m guessing they are interesting, because he likes to add twists to explain why things might be the way they are.

CORNISH PASTY:    We were running short on time before the musical, so we went into Victoria station (train station) to grab something quick to eat (they have a food court inside) and saw the Cornish Pasty Shop.  We remembered how good they were and decided that was dinner for the night.  We ordered one for each of us and they only came to a little over 5 pounds total—cheap date! LOL  I found out from an online friend who lives in the UK, the origination of the pasty.  They are similar to a calzone, in that it is a round piece of pastry folded over meat pie ingredients (Jon had steak & Stilton cheese, & I had chicken and veggies).  So, my description is they are like a cross between calzone and a meat pie. (Another website said they are kind of like a ‘pot pie’ without the ‘pot’).  Anyway, my friend said they were made the way they are so that the crimped crust edge would be a ‘handle’ for miners to eat  without getting all the grime & dirt from their hands from working in the mines on their food.


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