Fri. the 13th – Another Rude Awakening!

At 3:55 AM, before we realized the date, we were rudely awakened early Friday, the 13th!  Yep—another fire alarm!  And since we are on the 7th floor, it meant an early morning workout, going down 7 flights of stairs—at least it was going down.  Since we couldn’t smell any smoke or feel any heat, we reluctantly (but still quickly) got dressed & grabbed our coats while standing under the ear splitting noise from the alarm in the room…it really did hurt our ears.  The last time we had a fire alarm go off at a hotel was the one at Cannon Beach, when we went for 1 night at the beach before leaving for Amsterdam.  It turned out to be a real fire in the building next to ours.  I think because of that one being a real fire, this time bothered me more.  Being awakened from a sound sleep by a horribly loud and shrill noise didn’t help any, either.  After we got to the bottom of the stairs and outside, we saw two police cars go by, but they kept going.  When we walked toward the back of the hotel where everyone was gathering, we saw a fire truck with lights flashing and thought—here we go again!  Just as I started to take a picture of the fire truck with lights going, they turned the lights off and drove away and we were told we could return to our rooms.  But after such a startling wake-up, I had trouble going back to sleep and my stomach was feeling upset. So, Jon let me sleep in the next morning and skip breakfast.  So, what is up with us and fire alarms?


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