Jon overslept (somehow the alarm got turned off). Two others from the team of five went down for breakfast early and had returned to their rooms and so the other two members thought the first two had already left. So, after trying to call the rooms (ours included–but we didn’t hear the phone ring), the 2nd two left for the office on their own. When the two early ones didn’t find the others, they too took a taxi and left. So, instead of the usual one taxi for five people, they ended up using 3 taxi’s–(another one for Jon). They had planned to use the subway to and from the office, but with the weather being as it was, they have been taking a taxi. Thursday was drizzly and grey so, I stayed at the hotel and went to the gym.

They forecasted more snow overnight and into Friday morning. Note: 1:30 am–no snow yet. This morning we woke up to no snow, although the news was all about the snow–there were people who got stuck in deep snow and had to spend the night in their cars. It just appeared to miss London–although right after Jon left for the office, it began snowing like crazy again with big flakes and was accumulating quickly–however it has now stopped. We will see if we get anymore.


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