Where next? And It’s a Girl!

Where are we going next? Back to the US! We will be in Boulder CO. during March. Yes, we will be in the US!  Jon will be the team lead for this one and part of his job is to choose the hotel. One of the hotels on the list is the Homewood Suites and we are hoping they have availability, because it would be wonderful to have a suite that includes a kitchen with a full size fridge * a 2-burner stove–we could actually do some cooking. Eating out is great and fun, but raises havoc on our weight loss–what weight loss? I think we are going the wrong way…no, I KNOW it is going the wrong way! And it would be great to actually have two rooms of our own instead of these tiny 1-room places (although I DO have to say that our room here is much bigger than the one in Amsterdam, but it was so nice to have a real sitting area when we were in Madrid.


Both our daughter Tabitha and our friend Tabitha had ultrasounds on the same day–and they are BOTH having girls. That makes 2 girls for our friend Tabitha and 3 girls for our daughter Tabitha to join with big brother Jadon. That means we will have 4 granddaughters and 1 grandson. And girls must be in the air, because a gal on my weight loss team who is now pregnant is also having a girl–she had her ultrasound a week later. Also, our daughter, Tabitha’s online friend from Paris (the one who showed me around Paris for a day) just had a baby girl last month too.

Vicki & Jon


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