London Snow?

We arrived in London on Sunday, and through-out the day Jon kept noticing light snowflakes. That evening before we went to bed, (about a half hr. after sending off the last newsletter), I happened to look out the window again and it was snowing huge flakes and coming down like crazy–and it was collecting quickly. By morning we had about 4-5 inches! They haven’t had this much snow in London for 18 years! Schools were shut down, most of the public transportation was shut down and Heathrow Airport was closed for awhile and about 800 flights were canceled. This was all on Monday. The team ended up just meeting together in the executive lounge here at the hotel and working from their rooms, rather than try to get to the office. Tuesday they were forecasting more snow and ice added to it, but it was pretty much ok here–still a little snow, but the roads and sidewalks were mostly clear with a little slush. So, the team took a taxi into the office.

Wednesday was pretty clear with only a little remaining snow on the sides of the street & sidewalks, so I walked a few blocks up the street and did some shopping for healthy snacks (carrot stick, strawberries, and ingredients to make ham sandwiches)…we talked the hotel into giving us a complimentary small fridge in the room, since we are staying so long (ordinarily they charge 5 pounds a day). They do have a stocked mini-bar in each room–the kind that you don’t want to bump, or they will charge you for the contents…no thank you. LOL

One of the gals on the team is from France & is planning to return home for the weekend, but she is unsure about her flight–they are still postponing flights. As long as she gets out it is only a 2 hr. flight.

Our room is an executive room located on the 7th floor. It is a much bigger room than the one in Amsterdam–room to take most of our stuff out of the suitcases and we have a full bathroom with tub AND shower. They even leave bath tablets each day for a nice hot soak in the tub, which I enjoy. Our room also has a triangle shaped balcony which filled with snow, however the rooms don’t have access to the balconies. We also have a view of the city which includes the London Eye. The London Eye is a Ferris Wheel on steroids. It towers above the buildings and is across the Thames River from Big Ben. It moves quite slowly, taking a half hour to make one complete circle–in fact, it does not stop for people to get on and off. At night it is lit up in blue. Maybe we will find the time and get enough courage to go on it this time. We also hope to go to one of the musicals this time (we were not in London long enough last time).

There is an executive lounge located on the 2nd floor where we can get breakfast up through 10:30 (11 on the weekends) and then from 3-5 in the afternoon, some hot appetizers and drinks from 6-8, not to mention soda, beer (yuck!) and bottled water anytime of the day–all complimentary if you are in an executive room. The hotel also has a gym with a lap pool and sauna. It also has a restaurant, cafe, & bar located on the ground floor and & Nippon Tuck (an Asian restaurant on the 23rd floor with a gorgeous view of London).

This weekend we hope to explore London some more and check out the best days to go to one of the musicals (hopefully Wicked–which is based on the Wizard of Oz). Otherwise, I would be happy to go to almost any of them…there are quite a few, & almost all look good.

Today (Wednesday)  looks to be pretty wet out, so I will probably not venture out much–if at all, and will probably go check out the gym…

Vicki & Jon


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