The next assignment HAS been officially announced, so I can tell you–it is in London.  That means we will be staying IN London this time…meaning we will get to see more of London, since we won’t have to take a 1 hour train to get there.  Hopefully, we can find the time to go to a musical this time–last time we decided that if we went to a musical we wouldn’t have time to see anything, since we only got about a day and a half actually in London.  Who knows, maybe I will take a train trip back to Horsham one day–I DID like that little town.

We were just discussing the details of London today, and it looks like this assignment in Amsterdam may end a little early, so we MAY be coming home for a few days before going to London.  Jon is guessing perhaps sometime between a few days early (maybe Tuesday, the 27th, instead of Friday, the 30th) or even as early as Friday, the 23rd.  If we DO come home in between, we would fly out of PDXfor London on Saturday, the 31st.  One comment Jon had made about the reservations for our current return flight was that it was unlikely we would take that flight.  However, in looking at the cost to cancel the return flight, reschedule it, and book a flight to London, it is likely that we will be home for 24 hours or more at the end of the month.  To fly in on Friday and out on Saturday is not a very exciting prospect, but we’ll just have to see how things turn out….  Anyway, there is a chance we will see some of you at the end of the month.


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