Amsterdam – Record Breaking Cold!

CAN YOU SAY COLD?  Yes, it has been VERY cold here during our first week.  How cold was it?  Cold enough to freeze our patooties off! LOL!  After having 2 weeks of unusual cold and snow at home, we arrived to an unusual streak of cold here in Amsterdam.  Before we came, information from the Internet suggested we would see mostly temperatures above freezing.  Instead, they have had 3 weeks of below freezing temperatures including lows of -15 Celsius (that is around 5 F).  The streams and lakes in the park next to our hotel and several of the canals have frozen enough for many to be out ice skating on them over the past weekend.  This is something that has not happened here for 10+ years, and many of the ice-skaters were not very confident in their skills.

We woke up to a thin layer of snow on the ground last Wednesday.  Walking in that kind of temperature with a cold wind blowing–WOW!  I was wearing scarves wrapped around my neck and covering my mouth (if I covered my nose, it made my glasses fog up), and although Jon doesn’t care for wearing hats, (other than the occasional baseball cap to protect his bald head from the sun), he gladly accepted the practice of wearing a hat AND scarf!  In fact, this weekend I bought some leggings to wear UNDER my pants (just couldn’t seem to find any thermal underwear) and have been wearing an extra shirt under my sweaters and a jogging suit jacket UNDER my coat.  I even bought a hat that has a fur lining and comes down over the ears–kind of like the Russian hats that you flip up on the sides when you don’t need the ears covered.  I don’t know how fashionable it looks but it was certainly warmer.  On Sunday, it seemed to warm up to about 40 F and this week is forecasted for the same.



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