Next? And a quick trip to the beach with a FIRE!

Where to next you ask?  We are suppose to leave Saturday at 3:55 PM for Amsterdam, Netherlands.  I say ‘suppose to’ because now I’m not sure if we might get stuck in Cannon Beach!  We had a certificate worth $100 for the Tolovana Inn (next door to Mo’s in Cannon Beach) and knew if we didn’t use it, we would lose it, since it expires in Feb. so we decided to use it for the only day we could–New Years Day to Fri.  Turns out that the 101 coast hywy is closed going N. to Seaside and going S. to Tillamook–because of flooding (rain and snow run-off)!   And now we found out the pass heading to Portland is getting snow and Tiara texted us to say that Portland is getting snow again!  Yikes!  We have to get home, finish packing and get to the airport by Saturday!  I don’t think life can ever be easy for us…LOL

OK–one more piece of interesting info–the hotel where we are staying had a fire tonight!  It was in the next building from us (across for the main building where the front desk and pool are located.  We were just starting to get into the pool (hadn’t gotten wet yet) when the fire alarm went off.
One of the other people at the pool checked and found out that, Yes, we needed to evacuate!  I told Jon that we were right next to an exit and the pool was in front of us, so I was NOT going out until I put my clothes back on (over my suit) because it was cold and pouring rain!  Turns out they think it was electrical on the end unit (on the top floor of a 3 story unit, and it spread through the roof and walls, causing damage to about half the building.  The people from that building were moved to our building,  (thank goodness it was a slow night), but without their belongings.  From the sound of things (listening to talk between the fire dept. and the hotel staff) sounds like much of that building and its contents were NOT going to be in very good shape, between smoke and water damage.  Fortunately we were NOT in that building.  Our car WAS parked in front of that building, but when Jon saw where the fire was, he moved the car, as did the others parked there.  It would not have been damaged, but WOULD have gotten filled with smoke, not to mention been in the way for the firefighters.  One more piece of excitement for the Marney’s…  I will keep you all posted as to our progress.

We were told that they were going to plan a week in between assignments, so thought we might be home a little more, but looking at the posted schedule (only dates–no places) that until the end of May they are going to be pretty close together again, so we may be staying longer than we thought.  But the one in May is scheduled (as long as things don’t change–yeah, right!) to end May 22 and the next one not until June 1st.  So, It sounds like we MAY be home in time for Tabitha’s birth (she is due May 26th).  Actually make that TWO Tabitha’s births–our friends Tabitha & Thomas are due the same day. LOL!  OK I need to go get some sleep…talk to you all later.
Vicki & Jon


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