Thanksgiving and our Cruise/California Trip – 2008

We had a great (and rather quiet) Thanksgiving with most of our kids and grandkids and then left a week later for the Mexican Riviera Cruise.  We had fun on the cruise and Vicki even won $142 (or was it $162?) playing BINGO, on the first day at sea!  That was enough to fund the rest of the games during the cruise.  We met some great couples on the cruise and have now added them to our email list  (Hi Cruising Buddies!).  Vicki also won two sets of shore excursion tickets in Puerta Vallarta, but they were both for the same day, so we were only able to do one of them.  Others at our table also had wins in BINGO.  And I think they would all agree, we had the BEST waiter!

Our youngest daughter, Tiara and her hubby, Benny, drove to meet us when we got off the ship and we spent a few days in S. CA together, before driving home.  Jon was able to find a great deal online for Six Flags Magic Mountain–for less than $50 ea. we got season tickets, good for the rest of the year as well as 2009–less than the $60 for a SINGLE day for their regular prices.  We were staying in a Worldmark condo in Oceanside (about a 2 hr. drive south of Magic Mountain), so we decided to drive there on Monday, even though it was raining.  Two hours later, we arrive to find out the park is closed–because of rain and winds!  (And we DID check the website on the computer, before heading to the park.) Grrr!  We ate lunch and headed back, to stop at Knotts Berry Farms Marketplace for shopping (Knotts was closed too) and then Downtown Disney for more shopping.  The next day was mostly clear, so we decided to try again.  We arrived a few min. past noon, went on 2 roller coasters and decided to eat lunch because Vicki was feeling a little sick from the roller coasters.  Headed to another coaster ride (BTW there was no lines for any of the rides) and while we were waiting for the coaster to arrive to the platform, they made an announcement—they were closing the park at 2 PM!

We (and many others) were upset!  Two days of driving 2 hrs each way for 3 coaster rides and lunch!  Not to mention a $15 parking fee!  The only good part for us, is that because we arrived AFTER noon (12:11 PM) they refunded our parking fee.  Others who arrived earlier (they opened at 10) did NOT get their parking refunded!  They handed out “free vouchers” to return, but it rained again the next day–they were closed again!  They tried to say they were closing because they received a “possible severe weather report”, but it was obvious to all that the true reason was because there were not very many people there and it was costing them more to keep the employees there than they were making.  Now, we can understand that they were losing money, but please, DON’T lie to us!  The sky was clear!  The good part is that the season passes are good at ANY Six Flags parks all through 2009, so hopefully we will have a chance to either go back again or maybe be in an area where there is another Six Flags park, sometime during our travels.

Finally on Thursday we had a decent day and went to Disneyland–Jon found discount tickets online again..for half price!  Even though Benny is 22 (or is it 23 now) he had NEVER been to Disneyland!  And Tiara had not been there for nearly 10 years, so it was great fun.

Jon & Vicki


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