Spain and Heading Home for the Holiday’s

Hi Everyone,
I promise to make this a shorter note.  We have our tickets confirmed and we have a taxi ordered for tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM.  So, while you are all sleeping we will begin our journey home.  It is quite a complicated set of flights in order to save the company some money–otherwise it was going to cost about $1300 pp EXTRA, just to change the tickets for coming home early.  They finished their assignment on Thursday (nearly a week early) and wanted everyone to head home early.  So, here’s our planned flights to get us home.  We leave tomorrow morning at 11am to Miami, Fl and then on to Orlando after a layover.  We will spend the night in Orlando (thinking about going to Down-town Disney for the evening) and then fly out Sunday morning to Minneapolis with a short layover, arriving at PDX at 1:20 PM.  We are really looking forward to giving those grandkids hugs and sleeping in our memory-foam bed–why is it that hotel beds always seem to be so hard?  The part Jon is most thankful for is that we WON’T be flying home the day before Thanksgiving along with thousands of other people and chance getting stuck somewhere, like he did last year (he spent the night in an airport because they got fogged in).
I wanted to let everyone know that things here in Madrid have gone much better since our first week here–we were told our last newsletter was a bit negative.  I know that I personally have really enjoyed the opportunity of meeting several great women at the Immanual Baptist Church at their ladies Bible Study and 6 other ladies at the walking tour I did last week.  It was a 6 mile hike thru rural Madrid which was very fun and interesting.   I also enjoyed a couple young gals that I met at  Foster’s Hollywood American Restaurant–they were real cuties and we all enjoyed trying to communicate in spite of my tiny bit of Spanish and their bit of English. 
We both ventured out onto the metro several times (we bought the 10 ticket pack) and then I even went by myself to meet with the tour guide.  I had to return on my own (since she was staying for her PT job) –I got an extra long ride because “only a couple stops to the end, and then get onto the beginning of the line that leads to our hotel” turned out to be towards the WRONG end…LOL.  I learned the hard way that you have to make sure which side you are getting on. LOL  Fortunately Jon had to work late that night and I still beat him back to the hotel, because I was concerned that he would be worried about me since it took me so long–I didn’t get back until about 6:30 PM.
I need to go help Jon get our last minute stuff ready and head to bed.  We look forward to seeing some of you soon.
Vicki & Jon


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