A Rude Wake-up Call

OK–I just got a rude wake-up call!  I had gotten up at about 7:30 AM, when Jon left for work, to eat my half of the breakfast, before it got totally cold.–the hotel price that the company negotiated, includes breakfast, but only for Jon, so he gets it as room service for an extra 2.50 pounds and then we split it.  Then I turned the lights back out & went back to sleep.  At about 8:45 AM I was woke up by a noisy alarm going off!  I put my glasses on and was able to identify it as–sure enough–the fire alarm!  I didn’t smell any smoke, so I decided–too bad, I’m getting dressed b4 going out!  Our room is on the second floor at the end of the hall, so I went out the exit door right outside my door and took the spiral stairs down.  I could see a couple groups of people standing in the parking lot, so I joined the nearest group.  A guy I recognized from the restaurant/bar said, ‘A rather rude wake-up?’  I thought–do I look that harried? and ran my hair pick thru my hair.  A few minutes later a woman came over and asked my room number and checked me off the list, and a few more minutes and another woman came out and told everyone it was safe to return to the building.  A man standing nearby (I’m assuming a guest’ jokingly said, ‘Somebody burned the toast?’  LOL.  Then the gal who gave us the OK, came over to the group of men I was standing near and told them it came from their zone (the restaurant/bar…so, who knows, maybe it WAS burnt toast. LOL!  As I started my way towards the spiral stairs, back to my room, I noticed my belt dangling…no wonder the guy figured it woke me up!  And when I got to the room and used the bathroom, i realized my pants were also unzipped!  LOL!  BTW–everyone standing in the parking lot?  They were ALL men–oh brother, talk about embarrassing!
Any of you who know me very well, know that my exercise of choice is walking–using the treadmill or just walking all over the place and very little jogging.  Well, Wednesday I met with a trainer at the hotel gym and she put me thru a REAL workout.  Here’s how it went…
When you are doing it on your own you tend to ‘stay in the safe zone’ but when you are doing it with a trainer, you don’t want to say ‘this is too much’ and admit that maybe you can’t do it. She started me out with the treadmill–my trusty standby. (I’m not sure about the speeds on these treadmills because they use kilometers rather than miles), but she had me start with putting it on random (that includes hills and such–I always keep it flat) at 5 for a couple minutes ‘warm-up’ and then bumped it up to 6 for a couple minutes and then up to 7 for a jog–for 6 minutes! I don’t run!  I think the longest I have jogged so far is one lap around the track (.25 mi.) and I think I noticed 3 miles on the treadmill.  I kept thinking–I don’t know if I can do this for 6 minutes’, but I did it! The only bad thing about it was that it kicked in my asthma–I should have brought my inhaler with me. Then she slowed it down for a cool down, to bring my heartbeat down. And that was the warm up! Then we spent an hour doing various exercises with dumbbells, fit ball, medicine ball and plain ole floor exercises, ending with a 5 minute ‘cool down’ on the bike. Whew!
Today is the aquafit class & I’m hoping to make it to that–Jon just sent me a message asking me to go into Horsham to check out a possible new hotel–that is in town.  It would be nice to be in town, but I would miss these workouts I’m getting at the gym here…we will see what happens.
Vicki (& Jon too)


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