Update from England

We are now in England, staying in a Bed & Breakfast Hotel with 51 rooms that is located in the middle of nowhere.  It is 37 miles from London and 4 miles outside a small town called Horsham.  The nearest place to eat besides our hotel is a pub .6 miles away or another pub a little over 1 mile away.  One night we all decided to walk to the nearest pub for dinner and the food was pretty good and prices were good, but the walk back—well, let’s just say that the rural streets of England DON”T have street lights and it was VERY dark!


We are getting kind of tired of the hotel’s restaurant and they are too expensive at dinner time (22-30 pounds–remember it is almost double that in US dollars!  So, I think we have decided to buy weekly bus passes (for 18 pounds), so we can eat dinners in Horsham.  They would have the taxi drop them in Horsham after work & I would take the bus and meet them there for dinner.  Then we would all take the bus back to the hotel.  So far, our dinner in Horsham, was the best meal we had here and it was only about 12-20 pounds.  They also have KFC, Subway & McDonald’s in Horsham too. 

Our first couple days here were a little rainy but and a bit crisp, but still warm enough that the hotel staff usually opens the windows when they are cleaning, and leave them open and it has been comfortable and refreshing.  It’s almost like staying in someone’s country home, except they are charging us quite a penny for their “home cooked meals”.


The weather here this weekend was wonderful.  It was sunny and fairly warm, although it still gets fairly cool in the evenings.  We went to Brighton both days (about 1 hr away, by bus).  It is a beach–reminded us a lot of Seaside, Oregon, only MUCH bigger!  They have a pier there which we went out on and there is a casino and amusement park–ON the pier.  We walked thru some of the shops and out on the pier and up the beach a ways.  We didn’t buy anything the first day (we had others from the team with us), but went back again, on our own today, and bought a few personal items for ourselves, including a replacement cord Jon needed for his CPAP, since he accidentally left his at home (he had been borrowing the cord from his laptop each night to use with his CPAP).  I also got my bangs cut today.  I mean my “fringe” (LOL, that’s what the gal told me) because they were getting too long.



We are thinking of going into London once or twice during the weekend while we are here, and possibly go to a musical.  They have several to choose from including The Phantom of the Opera (which we have seen several times in Portland and still love), Mama Mia or Chicago (I enjoyed seeing both of these in the theater, but have never seen live), Wicked (a Wizard of Oz theme), Stomp (percussion using anything and everything, including trashcans and brooms) and a Monty Python one called Spamalot.  Now, if we can just decide…LOL!



It is now confirmed–the next one will be in Madrid, Spain.  It all depends on when they finish this one, whether we will come home first.  If they finish early, (maybe a week), we will come home first, but if there is only a few days in between, we would probably go to London for those couple days, and then directly to Spain.  Either way, the plan is to have both audits (the other one is in Canada) finish in time to get everyone home before Thanksgiving.  After Thanksgiving, Jon thinks we will not be leaving home again until AFTER Christmas–at least for work. He would be working from home at that time.  We have our 1 week, Mexican Riviera Cruise, Dec. 7th, followed by a week in California (hopefully with the kids and grandkids), and then, home for Christmas.  The next audit will probably begin Jan. 5th, but we don’t have any idea where.  There WAS a training class scheduled for 2 weeks, back in Paris, but that may be canceled, because they are cutting costs.  Jon’s first audit as a team lead is scheduled for March and his manager hinted that it might be somewhere in the UK, but don’t know where.



We found out we are going to be grandparents again–Tabitha & Gordan are expecting their 4th child, May 26th!  There are mixed feelings–I think they wanted to have one more, but they were hoping to spread them apart a little more–like AFTER Gordan finished school…  When they told the kids, 5yr. old, Cesarine said, “Well, I told you I wanted a baby brother!”   So, the order is already in for a boy—but then 8yr. old Jadon asked for a brother LAST time & was NOT happy that he was getting ANOTHER sister!  I do have to say he does love his nearly 2yr old sister Aveline after all.  LOL! Also, remember our waltzing friends, Thomas and Tabitha, who got married in June?  They are expecting their first child together (joining Tabitha’s 8yr. old daughter, Mira) and due…May 26th!  Two Tabitha’s, both PG and both due May 26th!  What are the odds of that?  Congratulations to both of them!

 Vicki & Jon


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