Going from Paris to London

We just arrived in Horsham, West Sussex, England–the UK! We are in a Bed and Breakfast place with 50 rooms, in a pretty rural area with not a lot to do and see, but it is beautiful here and they have a gym, pool, jacuzzi and sauna–so no excuse to not get exercise! This will be another 4 week assignment and it looks like the next one will likely be somewhere in Spain, although it hasn’t been confirmed. We will probably go there from here, so probably won’t be home until December sometime. We have that other cruise scheduled for the week of Dec. 7th–so it will probably be close to Christmas–I don’t think you can count on me for holiday help…LOL! Paris was wonderful and there was so much to see! Now we will kind of have culture shock, being in such a rural area following Paris. It’s really quite funny how we find ourselves starting to say “Merci” instead of “thank you” after 4 weeks of hearing French all around us. The first three weeks the weather was beautiful, but it cooled down quite a bit and got rainy the last few days there. I had to start wearing my coat and buy a warmer scarf and some gloves. We took the Eurostar Train thru the Tunnel that takes you UNDER the English Channel from Paris to London and spent the night in London. Then today (Sunday) took a taxi from London to Horsham (about a forty mile drive normally, but there was a bad accident in the morning that had traffic backed up everywhere, so it took us much longer. That taxi ride cost 115 Pounds (nearly $230 US)! And that was NOT because of the delayed time–fortunately it was a “quoted rate” rather than a “timed rate”… Jon was a bit worried that it was too much for them to approve, but then we found out that the team lead paid 130 Pounds for her trip. I’m going to have to learn about their bus system here if I don’t want to just stay at the hotel, because there isn’t even a store close enough to walk to–at least not close enough to walk back carrying anything…


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