First Weekend in Paris


This dumb computer connection is so annoying!  Kicks me off and then won’t let me back…grrr!  But I’m back–at least for awhile…have to get to bed soon.  Saturday we ended up walking ALL DAY!  About 8 hours worth, maybe more!  And guess what–we found the hills of Paris!  It’s called Montmartre.  We climbed I don’t know how many flights of stairs up to Sacre-Coeur (Sacred Heart–a huge and beautiful Catholic Church.  We were really huffing and puffing and it REALLY got the heart beat up!  We got to the top and turned around…WOW!  Ooh, La La!!!   I know, I keep saying that but whoa–what a gorgeous view!   Then walk into the church–more WOW!  I’m not Catholic but let me tell you, the Catholic’s have got beauty all figured out!  The stained glass, the murals on the walls and ceilings, the statues, the candles…I wanted so bad to take some pictures, but there were signs posted saying “No photos”.  Behind the cathedral, were side streets with little shops with souvenirs, quaint little restaurants, and artists set up with their paintings and offering to draw your portrait.  On our way back down, we were able to see some of the Montmartre Cemetery, although it was closed.  Not what I was imagining at all–not a bunch of tombstones, but little houses and statues–more incredible stuff. Note: Our last weekend in Paris, we went back to the Cemetery during the day while it was open and it is huge (we only walked though part of it) and discovered that the most of the “little houses” had plaques with family names on them and a place to kneel and leave flowers.  Some also had statues and/or stained glass inside them.  Many of the grave sites were VERY old, and included multiple family members—some of which were more recent.  It was quite interesting.

Sunday, we didn’t do as much walking, but we went on a dinner cruise on the Seine River!  What a beautiful and romantic evening–very nice!  With tonight’s dinner, I’m not so sure how well we did on our diet, since we each had our own meal instead of sharing.  I guess I will have to walk it off tomorrow.


The following weekend we went to Disney Paris.  The castle was beautiful and although they had a lot of the same rides as we have in the US–some of them were different–for example Space Mountain Mission 2 and Indiana Jones were MUCH faster and included 360 loops–and it was VERY dark in those rides!  Very cool!  It is also much smaller than our Disney parks, but still very nice and as Margaux (a friend of Tabitha’s that lives in Paris) said–“It is still magical!”


We went to the top of the Eiffel Tower–WOW!  900 ft. high!  Can we spell vertigo? LOL!  It WAS very cool though.  We went on a Sunday and then returned for dinner at the restaurant on the 1st floor–which is 95 meters above sea-level.  The view was great and the food was very good, but let’s just say–their health codes are different from ours…we saw them “rinse our spoons off under the spigot” before giving them to us to stir our hot cocoa and “washing silverware in a pot of water”–hopefully “hot soapy water”.  We just tried not to think about it…


I don’t think I’m drinking enough water though…it has really been difficult to get tap water and they charge a fortune for bottled water!  (6 euro’s for a small bottle–same as a coke–that is nearly $9 US)  And they don’t know what ‘free refills’ are either…eventually I finally figured out how to ask for tap water,..they fill an empty wine bottle with water–but they are quite stingy with their ice.  Ask for ‘lot’s of ice and you MIGHT get 4 ice cubes…

Note:  I ended up getting a bladder infection and having to see a doctor to get an antibiotic.  The antibiotic was cheap—but the doctor and lab sure weren’t cheap—a total of 80 Euro’s!  At least I was able to go to an English speaking Dr…


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