Update from Paris–Oo La La!

Hey everybody!
We made it!  For those who didn’t know, we found out last Thursday, when Jon decided to check to make sure that our seats were together–that the AMEX agent who was handling my flight, seemed to have not finished the job and I did NOT have a ticket!  Not only that, but because it was now only 2 days until the flight, my ticket was going to be increased by $200!  We were very quick to let them know that we were NOT going to pay for THEIR mistake!  We ended up having to pay the extra cost and then they are suppose to refund the extra cost.  So, needless to say we had a couple days of stress getting it all worked out!  It also meant that the nice windows seats in the 10th row were no longer available–we ended up very near the back with an aisle and middles seat–but at least we were together and we made it here!

We arrived Sunday AM (Paris Time–about midnight Pacific Time) after a 4 hr flight followed by a 9 hr. flight.  OMG, my aching bottom!  …and back!  …and everything else!  How in the world did Jon fly two 10 hour flights?  Yikes!

Even though we were both sore and tired we decided to go to the Louvre, after we checked into our hotel.  The first Sunday of the month is free!  Oh my goodness, were we awed!  Each new room we entered was just spectacular!  We didn’t know which way to look–to the right? to the left? or up at the ceiling?  We took tons of pictures, including some as they were ushering us out the doors because they were closing.  And we didn’t even see it all!  We DID see the Mona Lisa along with many other famous paintings & sculptures!  There was one room that as we entered Jon and I both just stood and stared, first one direction and then another and at every turn we were just overtaken in awe and wonder!  I don’t think we have ever seen something so awe inspiring!  And we have a distant view of the Eiffel Tower from our 4th floor room!  Somebody pinch me–is this really real?

Are we getting our exercise in?  Oh my goodness!  We walk & walk and walk some more!  I think I walked at least 5 hrs (probably more) on Sunday and again on Monday!  And then we went on a short walk after our dinner  last night.  By the time we get back to our room and lay on our bed our feet are feeling like we can barely walk!  I found myself kind of waddling, I was so sore!

Today, is Tuesday and I laid down after Jon left for work and promptly fell asleep–until 3 PM when housekeeping called to see if I wanted our room serviced.  I guess I haven’t gotten my inner time clock adjusted very well yet (it would have been about 6 AM at home).

OK, funny story about our  non-existing french skills! We discovered that many of the restaurants have an English menu (if you ask) with descriptions in English, making it easier to order.  Jon ordered Lemonade and I asked for my typical water.  The waiter asked if I wanted it with gas (with a strong french accent, so we didn’t know what word he was saying)?  We looked at each other and shook our head at him with confusion.  He continued saying, “With gas? Phhett!  Phhett!”  We were still confused, until Jon finally realized what he was asking–carbonated!  Phet! With gas!  Carbonated!  LOL!  We all got quite a chuckle about it!

I also discovered the actual meaning of “OoLa La!”  It is an exclamation of “Oh my!”  I was browsing through some of the stores including a store with lots of dishes and “dainty pretties” when I picked up a metal thing that looked kind of like a nut cracker (still not sure what it was) and the second one in the glass cup fell out making a clattering noise and the shop keeper exclaimed, “Oo La La!” I now knew what it meant–“Oh my goodness, what did you do?!?”  LOL!

I also discovered that some simple things are different in different places.  I decided to go out exploring yesterday and when I went to open my door I discovered I couldn’t open it.  I thought, “Maybe it was locked or something…”  I tried several times, each time with the same result.  Turn the knob and pull, turn the knob and pull!  How about turn the knob and PUSH! LOL!  Talk about feeling silly!

Today, since I slept half the day away, I only went out to buy something for lunch–my first french hot dog!  It is a baguette with hot dog and cheese (& I think a bit of mayo).  Oh yeah, we have also discovered that we love PAIN!  Pain is French for bread!  So, I ordered my lunch from a Pain Shop–and there are many around. They also have McDonald’s here (right across the street from our hotel) and yesterday I found a Pizza Hut!  And yes, they do have Starbucks!

We have discovered that McDonald’s breakfast is about the best price–a bacon egg mcmuffin with yogurt and berries, and coffee or tea and OJ.  Today’s, order even included a bag of 3 mini-baguettes!  Three different kinds–1 plain, 1 sweet with apricot or something & the 3rd had chocolate inside).  I think maybe it is suppose to be the ‘bread’ replacement for tater tots or hash browns.

So far, we have each ordered our own meals at dinner time–the first time because the waiter (the one with water with or without gas) did not understand that we wanted only one, and the next night, because Jon thought the portions would be small.  Well, so much for Europe having small portions–not here.  Last nights dinner was huge–served on a rectangular ‘platter’!  We had veal scallopini which was served with french fries and skinny green beans.  I couldn’t eat it all, however, we did manage to share a chocolate mousse for dessert! Mmm!

Jon is back now, so going to go decide on dinner.  Talk to everyone later.
Vicki & Jon


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  1. Vicki & Jon

    PS Later we found out that those “metal things in the glass” that I didn’t know what they were? They were special tongs used to hold the escargot shells, as you use a tiny fork to twist the escargot out of the shells…

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