Excitment on my drive home one night

I thought you would be interested in this item from OregonLive.com


I was driving home at the speed limit (well, probably about 5 over…),  after going to MS Grill with friend’s from Waltz class when he went zooming past me, making me look like I was sitting still.  Soon after, two Oregon State
Police (OSP) cars went buzzing by with lights and sirens going.  A little while later a third OSP car went by with lights and sirens and then when I was almost at the Woodburn exit, two more went by.

I was wondering how they were going to catch him, because they didn’t seem to be going as fast as he was going…wonder how far he would have went if he hadn’t run out of gas?  Anyway, made my drive home interesting and kept me awake!  LOL

Let me know if the link to this article doesn’t work–it is an article from the Oregonian News Update,
July 17, 2008 and I witnessed part of this chase. Also, take notice of this guys T-shirt–Not so sure his ideas are so great!  lOL!


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One response to “Excitment on my drive home one night

  1. Vicki & Jon

    I just checked this link & it still works–4.5 years later! In case they remove it at some point–his shirt said: “Every time I get a great idea, it gets me in trouble!” LOL

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