Vicki heading home and more changes

Well, I guess I spoke too soon–AGAIN!  Do you think I will ever get this figured out?  I’m heading home tonight and it looks like I’m not going with Jon to England.  It turns out that this is a small account and it looks very likely that it will end early, making us not qualify for reimbursement and $1300 is just too much to take a risk on at this point.  So, we now have a $1300 credit with  American Express travel for the next trip.  That means we have paid for it, but when I find out another trip that WOULD be reimbursed we will be reimbursed for it after that trip.
Yes, I’m really bummed that I am going to be left at home AGAIN.  At this rate I should have never quit my job.  Not working so I can travel is very nice, but being at home with no hubby AND no work gets pretty boring.  The good part of this, is–maybe I can lose some more weight before my birthday (Aug. 20th) and help motivate my weight-loss team to get back on track too. 
This week I was the ‘Biggest Loser’ for my online”Biggest Loser”  team with 1 pound!  That is because most everyone on my team had gains this week!  (I’m not even sure that I even lost a pound since I have to weigh on different scales.)  Everyone is struggling to regain the motivation we had at the beginning of our ‘journey’.  I was worried I may not have Internetwhile in England, and was concerned withwhat would happen with my team if I was ‘away’, because I make the weekly challenges.  So, hopefully we can get everyone back on track including myself.  It DOES make it harder on Jon though, without me to ‘split plates’ with–it is really hard to leave food on your plate, when you have been trained as a child to “eat what is on your plate”, especially when the food is yummy and everyone else is still eating.  But that is part of this process–to retrain ourselves to only eat what our body needs!  That is how we got to the weight we were at–by eating everything that was on our plates and refilling our plates.  We would eat until we were stuffed and uncomfortable, just because “it tasted so good'”.  Or sometimes even when it didn’t taste that great–just because it was “the thing to do”.  That is something we have talked about online, is how the American society and families seem to think that ALL functions need to include food!  We all tend to eat for something to do, rather than eat to nourish our bodies and then quit when our body has enough.  OK, I guess that is enough ‘preaching’.  It is just that through the process of losing our weight we are seeing how our perspective on food and eating has changed and how little our body really needs to be ‘satisfied’.  And I don’t mean starving ourselves–only in comparison with how much we used to eat.  Even though we have sometimes eaten more than we know we should, we are still eating less than we would have before–and that is a GOOD THING, that our bodies will thank us for when we are healthier for it!
I think maybe I should tell Jon, to tell Paula, (his manager), that she has to make sure we get a 4 week audit for the 4 weeks that include my birthday(middle of Aug. to middle of Sept.)…and make it somewhere good!  LOL!
Vicki (and Jon too)


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  1. Vicki & Jon

    FYI–These e-newsletters were sent to family and friends via email, which included my former manager at Your Northwest.
    she saw this and called me the next day, asking if I wanted to come back until I could join Jon, since they needed someone to cover while they took some vacation tie, etc., so I returned to work until I was able to join Jon in Sept.

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