Yet another change in plans…

OK, we thought maybe we were going to make it 2 weeks without a change of plans–yeah right–too good to be true!  We are no longer going to Brazil thanks to the slow processing of our visa’s…they were not going to have them back to us until the 24th!  Curious that NY could do it in a matter of days, but San Francisco would need 2 weeks!  So, they traded Jon with another guy who already has a visa and they are now sending us to England!  I feel more comfortable with that choice anyway–no security warnings for England like there was for Brazil!  I guess the town we are going to does not have much there, but Jon said the country was beautiful and maybe it will be safe enough for me to do some exploring by foot.  We still leave on Saturday, but not until  2 PM, so that will be much better than 7 AM fir Brazil.  Especially since Jon will fly home Friday night and turn around and leave Saturday.  I am flying home tomorrow evening, so will have a little more time at home before flying again.  We had a very nice dinner at an Italian Restaurant on Monday for our anniversary and last night we went out with 5 other teammates, including Jon’s new manager.  She is younger than I had imagined (about our age I think) and very nice.  She seems very ‘down-home’ and always had a smile.  Last night’s dinner included something I have not had before, called Bang Bang Shrimp.  It is a tiny bit spicy but was very good.
Yesterday morning I enjoyed sitting on the outdoor dining area after breakfast with some tea, watching  a mama duck and her 6 newly hatched (the day before) ducklings.  It was fun watching the staff (unsuccessfully) trying to help get the babies out of the waterfall pool/pond since the sides were too high for them to get out.  This morning I asked the guy I was watching yesterday if they had gotten them out (since I didn’t see them this morning) and he said, they finally figured out last night, to raise the water level, so they could climb out themselves.
OK, now that I have gotten the verification of the travel plans, I’m going to head down to the wonderful gym here and get in a workout and then maybe go to the pool.  The weather here has been on the cool side during the mornings, with a downpour yesterday afternoon–then it warmed up.   Today looks pretty sunny, so I think the pool will be nice.
Vicki (& Jon too)
PS  Please pray for our friend Carrie (the one with cancer that has spread to her brain).  Her latest tests show more tumors but the ones that were radiated are ‘swollen like they tend to do before dying’ according to the doctor and they are going to start radiation on the ones in her back.  Pray for wisdom of the doctors and strength for both Gary & Carrie, and success of the radiation.  Thanks!


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