Update: Changes

Ok–Paris didn’t happen for either of us!  Oh well, Jon thinks we will probably get there sometime this year.  After my last update, things seemed to be changing daily, so I didn’t send any update–hoping to know something first.  So, here’s the scope–at this point, still subject to change.

Jon came home Friday night–actually delayed to 12:15 AM Saturday) and fly out yesterday at 2 PM to Denver Co. to spend a week in Boulder and is scheduled to leave on Friday–very likely to England for 2 weeks.  We don’t know if we will be able to get me to England with him (since it is still NOT for 3 weeks or more), but he is going to see if he can convince them to give up his business class ticket, for 2 coach tickets (which is actually cheaper).  If we are able to arrange that, then we will probably use frequent flyer miles to get me to Denver sometime this week, so I can join him.  I would LOVE to go to England, however Jon assures me that England is another location that is very likely to  spend a lot of time in, because the company has many data centers there.

Jon is then scheduled (at least at this point) to return to Boulder for another week (that would be July 7-11).  If England doesn’t work, then we would use the frequent flyer miles to have me join him in Boulder for this week, since July 7th is our 35th wedding anniversary.  I DON’T want to spend our anniversary 1,000+ miles apart.

July 14th Jon is scheduled to do a 4 week audit in Brazil (assuming plans don’t change again) and hopefully, I would then be included in the mix, regardless of whether all the previous plans work out.  So, I guess I had better start looking up info about Brazil.

Things have certainly not worked quite the way we expected–keeping us apart for many weeks, however,  I DID get to go stay with my parents and brother & sister-in-law’s (Phillip & Bert) for a couple days, so I could visit with my best friend in HS, whom I had not seen for several years.  Joyce Atkinson now lives in Austin, TX. and had come home for a visit with her parents in Corvallis, OR (where we grew up).  It was a wonderful visit that would not have happened if I had been with Jon.

While I was gone, I missed our last Nightclub Two-step Class and the third Intermediate Waltz Class, but I did go to the 4th Int. Waltz Class this Wed. and intend to go to the 5th class this week, as long as I am still in town.  It has really been fun and we enjoy our new found waltzing friends (Hi-Thomas & Tabitha–congratulations to Thomas & Tabitha ahead of time on their June 28th wedding!).  We get a great workout while perfecting our techniques.  Last week, our waltz instructor and his partner went to another dance competition and took gold!  So, we are being taught by the best!  I will really miss these classes when I begin to travel with Jon.  Hopefully we can find somewhere to get a few classes in while we are ‘on the road’–or I guess I should say ‘in the air’–but then the classes would NOT be ‘IN the air’–I guess I should just say ‘while traveling’–LOL!

Because Jon has been gone during the week (and some weekends) he has not been able to see the orthopedic specialist concerning his shoulder, and I’m not sure how we are going to handle it.  His personal doctor, said it would probably be OK to postpone surgery until the holidays when we are home, but recommended that he see the specialist first.  OOPS!

I hope this finds everyone doing well, and in great health!


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