Jon is currently in Danbury, CT for 2 weeks of classes and he just found out today they are sending him to Paris for two weeks.  We are still waiting to hear if they will re-imburse for my flight since it is not more than 3 weeks–however, Jon is fairly confident that he will be able to work something out to get me there.  I can’t believe that I might be in Paris in a little over a week!  Send some prayers up that they will include me in this trip–otherwise it means 2 wks. with him in CT & then another 2 weeks while he is in Paris that we are apart with a possible 1 day at home in between trips.  Besides that–I want to go to Paris!  LOL!  I will send another email once the details are confirmed.

!LOLNote to Jon–tell them you will trade your business class ticket for 2 coach–



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