Update: Getting Ready

Hi Everyone!
Where are we going?
Well, the official start date of Jon’s transition is quickly approaching.  Jon leaves on Sunday for 2 weeks of training in Danbury, CT.  We are still looking at options for me to join him, but I may wait until he goes on his first audit assignment since the company doesn’t reimburse for the flight (it has to be over 3 weeks before they pay).  Jon is short 4,000 mi. to get me a ticket with his Delta miles and I have only enough miles for a 1-way ticket with my Alaska miles.
From what we know at this time, it looks like Jon’s first audit assignment MAY begin the middle of June and be somewhere in the US (we found out there ARE teams in the US that Jon has not worked with, and would be eligible to audit.

Bon Voyage BBQ
We enjoyed our Bon Voyage BBQ with friends & family, even though the weather was not what we had hoped.  At least the rain held off during the BBQ–only drizzled in the morning.  We had many of our family in attendance, which included all of our children and grandchildren, Vicki’s parents, Aunt Letha & Uncle Ivan,both of Vicki’s brothers and some of their family I hope we didn’t forget anybody).  Also, we were honored to have one of Jon’s sister’s and her husband (Eva & Steve) come all the way from Klamath Falls Oregon…what a great surprise!  We also had several friends, including two of our new friends, Thomas & Tabitha, whom we met at our waltz classes, as well as some of our old friends from Gladstone AG Church.

Waltz Classes
Yes, as mentioned above we have been taking waltz classes!  We started taking International Standard Waltz classes about 17 weeks ago as a challenge from our weight loss site.  The challenge was ‘Do something you have never done, that takes you out of your comfort zone.’  Well, since Vicki has NEVER danced before and Jon has danced very little, and we had made comments to each other, that ‘we should take dance classes sometime’ we decided ‘Why not?’  We have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and our new friends as we have proceeded through Beginning I, II & III and just began Intermediate I two weeks ago.  We really like our instructor and his dance partner, who are both wonderful dancers as well as great instructors.  (They received 2nd place in Nationals during April).  We hope to find somewhere to take further classes while we are gone, although Jon will have to take a break until after he has arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder.

Jon’s Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
While taking our waltz classes, Jon realized that his ‘sore left shoulder’ that he had always described as ‘I think I’m getting arthritis or bursitis in my shoulder–getting old and creaky!’ was actually getting worse, so we mentioned it to the doctor.  The doctor said he thought it might be a ‘rotator cuff problem’ which cortisone injections could help, and ordered an MRI.  It turns out Jon has a torn tendon and a cyst on the tendon and will need arthroscopic surgery.  When?  We don’t know–they scheduled an appt. for June 3rd, but Jon will be in CT.  We are still waiting to hear from the doctor and find out if it is OK to wait until he comes back home in December or if he needs to ask for some medical time to have the surgery sooner.

Prayer Scarf
Vicki’s Aunt Letha brought a beautiful purple (of course) scarf for us which they draped between us and had those who were interested, pray a prayer of protection over us.  This was a special blessing to us that demonstrated their love, care, and concern for us, which we appreciated very much!  They also prayed for Jon’s shoulder.

Thank you to all our friends and family for their care and concerns for us during this new season and adventure in our lives.
Jon & Vicki


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