Hello world!

Friends & Family,
As most of you know, Jon and I will begin a new season of life with new adventures for the next three years, beginning in June.  Jon has agreed to accept a change in position at his current job and will become a Corporate Computer Security Auditor.  This will entail being on 4 week assignments to complete internal computer security audits for the company and will include 100% travel.  What this means, is he will travel from location to location, every 4 weeks, all over the world.  The company will pay all of his expenses as well as airfare for me to follow him around.  The first year Jon is not allowed to work with any teams he is currently working with–this means no teams in the US for the first year.  They usually only do US teams a few times a year anyway, so even the second and third year will include very little time in the US.  The company does not usually schedule audits during December, so we will most likely be home during December, as well as a few ‘short’ times through-out the year.  (I will be able to come home more often, as needed, since I will not be ‘working’.)
While we are gone and since we won’t know where our next location will be until about 4 weeks ahead of time, we thought we would start an E-Newsletter to our friends and family and entitle it ‘Where in the world is Jon & Vicki Marney?’  If you are receiving this email, I have added you to our list.  If you would prefer not to be included in this E-Newsletter, or if you have an alternate email address you would prefer to use, please let me know so we can make the proper adjustment.
You might be wondering…what countries will you be going to and where will your first country be?  We don’t know the first country and we probably won’t know until sometime in May.  I sent an email to a current auditor that we met in May while in Connecticut and she sent me as list of some of the countries that the teams have been to in the past couple years.  This is the list she sent me: We could go to any or all of these countries as well as others–most anywhere is possible, other than the countires where it would be unsafe for the audit teams because of unrest, in which case they would complete the audit from a neutral country such as Spain).  Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the UK, France, Australia, Japan, China, India, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium,  Singapore, Denmark, Finland, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil, and several cities in the US and Canada.  So, as you can see, we will have an interesting three years ahead of us.  Please respond, even if you DO want to be included and your email is correct, so I know that I have the correct information for you.  I look forward to hearing from everyone!
Vicki & Jon


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  1. Vicki & Jon

    Looking back at this, 4.5 years later–out of the possible locations listed, there are only 12 (out of 26) that we have not made it to yet, and a couple of those are looking likely for this next year. It is also no longer considered 100% travel, but 80% travel, because there is now 1 week of prep time that is completed from home, between each audit.

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